Trattoria F.lli Martina

Historic inn established in the Lombard Venetian Kingdom, even before the last Italian War of Independence, by Giuseppe and Valentino Martina on February 5th, 1866. The first news of this business appeared in "Giornale di Udine" in 1880, whereas its first customer known so far was the academic Innsbruck Theodor Gartner, who stopped for lunch on September 5th, 1881. In 1901, the inn was renovated and enlarged; it was a very popular and prestigious hotel at the time, when Chiusaforte was the trend of the moment and the elders used to tell about gold cutlery at the tables. After World War I, Martina’s was one of the most famous and popular taberns in the local area, and was also reviewed by Chino Ermacora in “Vino all’ombra”. Martina’s inn was the favorite venue by far of the Yugoslav lawyer and mountaineer Henrik Tuma. The old trattoria, in whose fireplace is still preserved the family’s andiron from 1727, is now managed by the bis-bis nephew Roberto.
Chiusaforte, in via Roma, 38
Phone +39 0433 52161